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Hermione lines
For those interested in how I draw with traditional tools: I sketch the drawing with pencils on regular old printer paper, then trace the sketch on a sheet of transparent tracing paper, the result of which can be seen here. I used regular colored pencils for this one, and a coal pencil for the black lines, since I couldn't find my usual black pencil.
Hermione Exposed
Line art:…

Again, I didn't have access to my tablet over the weekend, so I decided to whip out the colored pencils this time. I suppose if I keep that up I should get a decent scanner, so the camera flash doesn't interfere with the picture as much. Other than that and some anatomy problems I really like how this turned out though. Especially the colored lines help give the whole thing a nice softness. The story to this is, at least as it came to me while drawing, is that another student captured her and keeps her tied up and gagged in the Room of Requirement/Room of Hidden Things, which is filled with a rather kinky assortment of things :P But I haven't read the novels in years, so I have no idea how much it makes sense within the rules of the HP universe. Still, I like it, and possibly - not promising anything here, but not ruling anything out either - incorporate it into a little story some day.

Right now I sit in front of my graphic tablet again, so I can continue working on commissions. Don't worry, doing these traditional drawings doesn't take away from the time I work on commissions (since when I draw with pencils it usually means I can't work digitally), it's more a little extra in between. ;)
Enchanting Captive
Since I can't access my tablet over this weekend and I really wanted to draw something for Halloween, you guys get some rare traditional art from me: Sarah got kidnapped again, wearing a cute witch's dress for the spooky occasion.

Not much to say about this one, beside the fact that I'm really not used to traditional inking and coloring. It kinda brutally
 shows how messy my lines tend to be. I sketched the whole thing with pencil, did the lineart with ink pen on tracing paper and colored the whole thing using felt-tip pens (copics aren't in my budget right now, and I don't know if I would actually use them enough to warrant the purchase). While there's a ton of flaws in this one, I still enjoyed using actual pens for a change.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Commissions: Open
Since times are less stressful now for me than they were those past months, I'd be up to some RP via note, just write me. Haven't RP'd or even written anything in a while though, so my response times might be even slower than usual.^^

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