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ANIMATION: Amy Wrapped
Just a quick animation test, after HeartGear's latest Suspicious Links chapter, which featured an animated panel I really wanted to try it out myself again. I'm not 100% happy with the hair, perhaps it would have needed more frames to look right, but for my second attempt at frame-by-frame animation I'm actually quite satisfied. Lots of things to improve on, but the basic motion seems about right.
Ryuko by Dani1202
My entry for the special round of Artist-Project-Thing's special round: Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill. I'll admit I never watched a single episode of that anime, but I like the style and character designs, especially Ryuko.

I've been playing with the thought of doing a grayscale manga page for a while now, and started working on this a few weeks ago with that in mind, but I wasn't really satisfied. So I let it sit on my hard drive and collect some dust there. Then, after HeartGear linked a toning tutorial in the newest addition to her fantastic Suspicious Links series (seriously, go read it, it's great so far), I decided to pick this thing up again. I still have issues with the anatomy being off, but I really like how the manga look came out. I added some more effects to make it look like a scanned page, and it really works. In the future I'll skip that step though, I think. In the end it's extra effort to create lower quality.

I'm not quite sure about the Hiragana I used to represent her 'mmph'-ing. From right to left I went with "N~" and "Mu~". If anyone with better knowledge of Japanese can point out anything they'd do different, I'd be grateful.

I used a paper texture by overdosse.
Equipment Malfunction by Dani1202
Equipment Malfunction
Commission for Drider-Silk.

Spider-Girl seems to have run into some trouble with her web-shooter, which exploded, leaving her trapped in her own webbing...I admit I have no clue about the character, I'm only familiar with Peter Parker Spider-Man and that mostly from the 90s cartoon and the live action movies. Perhaps she fought Electro and got her shooter zapped, causing the malfunction? That's pretty much my idea.

I must say I really like how this turned out, especially the highlights on the suit - I was going for a modern comic book kinda look, and surprisingly it ended up rather close to what I had in mind. I had my doubts when I saw the flat colors, but the shading really saved the whole thing.Adding the thought boxes and speech bubble was also fun. Since I'm not exactly up to date on Marvel comics I based their look on the newer DC titles, mainly those about the Bat-family. The font in those is Comic Neue, by the way.
Saya slowly moved the beam of her flashlight across the pile of rubble she was standing on. It had been almost a month now, yet what little was left of the research facility still gave off a faint but distinct smell of smoke. She shivered as another chilly gust of wind tugged on her clothes. Pulling up her hood to at least somewhat protect her head from the cold of the night, she cursed the decision to not bring a jacket along. Her new Shinobi uniform would probably have kept her warmer, but since the police had ceased investigations there had been a good amount of scavengers and curious locals frequenting the place, making a ninja poking around in the ruins anything but hard to notice. Instead Saya was wearing tight black pants, a dark gray hoodie, and some sturdy hiking boots. Her long black hair was casually tied in a ponytail, her overall appearance making her look like just another person getting a first-hand look at what had been in the news so much lately.

 Still, when she talked to her sister via headset, she did so in Japanese. She had her concerns about people listening in. “Found anything?” Kiyomi's voice was followed by a long yawn.

 “No” Saya replied, kicking some bricks out of the way as she carefully climbed a pile of debris, “just metal and stone. What about you?” Her sister was a gifted hacker, and after the covert operation three years ago her equipment had been upgraded significantly. Not that Saya understood what exactly those things did or how to use them even in the slightest, but Kiyomi had acted like a little kid finding her Christmas presents back when she received them.

 “Nah. Nothing” the answer sounded from the earpiece, “I found a website explaining how they did stem cell research there, but that not only is horribly designed, but to me it smells like a cover-up. I found no info about funding, no government records, no published research papers...nothing. Especially nothing that connects to the disappearances.”

 Saya walked up to a large, bent piece of metal amidst the ruins. She placed her hand on its surface, absentmindedly wiping off some ash as she was thinking. People were vanishing in this town. Kidnappings here had not been unheard of, especially with the gap between wealth and poverty growing larger blackmailing was on the rise. But there had been no ransom demands for the people who had disappeared since the explosion at this facility. Perhaps it was a serial killer at work, but the puzzling thing was that there were no signs of violence at any of the suspected crime scenes. Perhaps it was nothing but her paranoia speaking, but the systematic disappearances reminded Saya of them.

 “Why would the Akaryuu clan blow up this place in the first place?” Kiyomi asked, as if she had been reading her older sister's thoughts. And it was a good question. Since she had narrowly escaped a life in slavery at the hands of the people who had taken her mother and murdered her father, that organization had been haunting her thoughts. But in the three years that had passed since that incident she had not once heard of them again. But now, with people vanishing left and right...there was a good chance the Akaryuu clan was behind this. Though she had no idea why they would rig an explosion here.

 Suddenly something caught Saya's attention. She felt her bowels convulse violently as she almost had to throw up at the sight: A shriveled, leathery thing sticking out under a large chunk of metal. Were those...the burned remains of a human being? Hesitantly, she moved towards it, pearls of sweat bitingly cold on her forehead in the windy night. As she got closer she finally worked up the courage to shine her flashlight at the object – only to fall to hear knees with a sigh as the horror made way for relief. It was no corpse. Of course. The police would have noticed it if that had been the case. Moving the still shaky light beam across the surface, Saya made out an indeed vaguely humanoid shape. It appeared to be empty and didn't have any extremities, but the general outline somewhat resembled a feminine body, minus the head. Somehow it reminded the girl of a shed snake skin. She grabbed her phone and sent a picture of her new discovery to her sister. “Any idea what that used to be?”

 It took her a few seconds to answer, but she sounded confident in being right on the matter. “Well, it's hard to make out since you didn't turn on the flash of your phone camera, like I told you about a dozen times you should do...but it looks like one of those fetish sleepsacks. You know, to place people in and essentially mummify them head to toe in leather.”

Saya didn't doubt her sister's correctness, though she did raise an eyebrow. “How exactly do you know this kind of stuff?”

 “I do my work on the internet. You see some weird shit there” was the swift response. Saya couldn't help but to grin. Since she had covered a good part of the ruins by now and it was getting late she decided to call it a night and head home. She turned around only to notice something was stuck on her leg. Crouching down, she took a closer look. It was some kind of white, gooey substance, drawn into a string, somewhat like old, but not quite hard yet chewing gum. Covered in ash it looked like it had been there since the explosion. She shrugged it off as being some kind of industrial glue that had heated up and dripped out of something and started walking to home again.

 She hadn't put much distance between herself and the facility when she suddenly heard something over the headset that made her freeze and start shaking in terror instantly. It wasn't the sound of her sister on the other end walking about, she would regularly run around in the apartment and grab a snack or something to drink during a call. No, that wasn't new. What had caught her off guard were Kiyomi's words: Hold on a sec, someone's at the door.”

 Perhaps it was just Saya's paranoia, but she couldn't imagine who would visit them at this time, in the middle of the night. She doubted that person had good intentions. and Kiyomi was about to open the door for them. Saya wanted to warn her sister, but instead of saying something she just stood there, frozen and silent. People were disappearing...and now...her sister was...the scene of her mother being pulled away, a large hand over her mouth muffling her screams unfolded in her mind again. She was under that bed again, unable to do anything but watch, her father – only her flashlight slipping out of her trembling fingers pulled her back into reality.

 Finally she found it in her to talk again, screaming into the mic: “Sis, don't open the door, wait for me! DON'T OPE-” she was cut short by her sister's ear-piercing scream. Saya started running. Why did she have to come here by foot, damn it? Even sprinting the entire way it would take too long to get home now.  “SIS!” she yelled, barely louder than her sister's screams blaring from the speaker. “Sis, hold out, I'm coming! Fight back!” she blurted out, already out of breath from running and screaming while in full panic now, but before she had finished that sentence the signal was lost.

 “Shit!” she cried out between heavy breaths, “Shit! Shit! Shit” She had just reached the outskirts of town when she noticed somebody else still outside. The figure left a gas station and walked up to a motorcycle. Perhaps fate was still somehow on Saya's side. Barely able to breathe, she yelled at the man in front of her as loud as she could: “Da-David! DAVID! HELP! HELP ME!”
Awakening - Chapter III
Sooooo...anybody remembering I've been writing a story? Uploading the last chapter some - holy shit, one and a half years ago? Well, it's still going on. :D

To all of you who followed this one, sorry for the frankly insane update times. Lots of reasons why I didn't get to work on it, but since its purpose is to develop my OCs a bit, I still feel like it warrants continuation. This chapter, as well as the next one, lack DiD but hopefully make up for it in a bit of world-building and storytelling.


Commissions: Open
Update 1/20/2015: Alright, it works again. Though my output these next two to three weeks will still be close to nothing, since I have enough stuff to keep me busy outside of drawing. But after that I hope to dedicate more time to posting here again.

So I wanted to work on a drawing only to find out my tablet didn't work. It still lights up and the PC registered it as USB device, so it seems to be a driver issue. Nothing new, no need to panic, had those a couple of times. But that, coupled with the fact that I'm generally more busy these months, means the next drawing will take a while. If I find the time for Second Life RP I might upload some pictures of that in the meantime (speaking of RP, I'm always up for some via notes. It's slow, but by not having it condensed into a single chat session I can easier fit those into my schedule), we'll see.

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