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Prices (Currency Calculator):

Kyoko Sketch by Dani1202
   5€ Base
+ 2€ For each additional character

Colored Artwork:
Kyoko Sakura by Dani1202
  15€ Base
+ 10€ for each additional character
+ 10€ for an actual background

  Price negotiable, depending on the number of characters and pages/panels.

Animated Artwork:
  Willing to give this a try, only one character and pose, simple struggling animation. Price negotiable.

I'm often trying out new styles, but I mostly stick to what I call for simplicity's sake Anime:
 Drow Priestess by Dani1202 Korra Captured by Dani1202

and Semi-Realistic:
Tape Bunny Raven by Dani1202The Girl who waited - for her Rescue by Dani1202

Feel free to pick one if you prefer, otherwise I'll just go with what I think goes better with the picture.

I accept PayPal, in both US Dollar and Euro.

Rules (aka "What I won't draw"):
* No sex
* No explicit display of genitals (as in nudity is ok, the close-up of a vagina is not. Keep it tasteful.)
* No erotic display of minors (Rule of thumb: Loli DiD is alright as long as it's clean enough to show in a saturday morning cartoon.)
* No tied up or nude guys (Sorry, it goes against my preferences, I wouldn't enjoy drawing it, the result wouldn't look good.)

Commission Process:

After you've sent me a detailed description of what you want me to draw per note, I'll tell you if I'll draw it. Then you send me the money. Once I've received it, I'll start working. You may always ask for a work in progress image, to see if you want any changes (for commissioned colored works I'll send you the finished sketch anyway). Once the image is finished, I'll post it on my DA (unless otherwise specified beforehand) and send you a note with the link.
ANIMATION: Basement Vampire
Sarah didn't have much time to craft a fancy costume after deciding to go to the Halloween party after all in the last minute - Some sexy clothes and fake vampire teeth had to suffice. She soon regretted her change of heart as she wakes up in a dark basement, taped to a chair and ball gagged...

Happy Halloween guys! :dummy:

This is something I wanted to try for ages now, and a holiday seemed like the perfect excuse to finally do some animation. Perhaps I should've started with something simpler, I've always kinda had trouble drawing chair ties. I ended up using a combination of both traditional frame-by-frame animation and a modern rig in Adobe After Effects, worked quite well for a first attempt. I won't do those often since they're so time consuming, but I don't think that was the last animation you've seen from me either. :D
Korra Captured by Dani1202
Korra Captured
My entry for Artist-Project-Thing round 33: Avatar Korra.

She has been on my to draw list for a long time now, so I was excited to see her as a character in the ATP rotation. Now how do you contain a force of nature like the Avatar? Lots of rope! :mwahaha: That and bags acting as mittens and a...mono-sock? Eh, let's go with that.
Drow Priestess by Dani1202
Drow Priestess
Commission for :icondrider-silk: - a drow priestess, wrapped in drider silk.

Honestly, I had a lot of trouble with this one. I didn't like the pose in the sketch and had to tweak it a lot for the line art. I tried to go for a more shibari-esque pose, rather than the usual silk cocoon, to spice things up a bit, which didn't make things easier. Throw in busy times and my injury and you got a recipe for a drawing that takes a long time to finish.

All things considered, I'm ultimately still kinda satisfied with the outcome. I went for a more moonlit look with the shading, it seems to work nicely.


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